Stair, stairways, railings, stair treds construction and installation custom to customer needs and request.

Add Beauty, Style, and Warmth to your home.  Our  Stairways, Railings and Woodwork  are custom  designed and built for your specific tastes and requirements.

wood with iron spindles

Have you noticed when you walk in to someone's home and they have a quality crafted stairway how warm and inviting it looks?† It seems to set the tone for the rest of the house.

MyStairways can replace your railings and stairs with the warmth of wood.†You'll be amazed at the way it turns your stairway into a beautiful and lasting work of art.

MyStairways offers the complete package including design, materials, installation and finishing.†The average stairway is usually replaced in a day so disruption is limited.

Photos Of Recent Work

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Cable and Cherry Railing System Cable and Cherry Railing System Cable and Cherry Railing System Cable and Cherry Railing System Wood Rail and Spindles Wood Rail and Spindles Wood Rail and Spindles Wood Rail and Spindles Wood Rail and Iron Spindles Wood Rail and Iron Spindles

With over 30 years experience and well over 1,000 stairway systems installed in the Twin City area,†MyStairways guarantees satisfaction on every installation. From the modern beauty of a country home to the striking artistry of an elegant estate, MyStairways can change your stairway into an expression of your style.

MyStairways Owner Featured In Woodshop News Magazine, June of 2007

Patrick LeMere from Woodshop News wrote a feature article about Skip Russell in the June of 2007 issue. You can read the article here - Woodshop News Archive for June 2007. (used by permission of Woodshop News)

A Note From the Owner..

After installing well over 1000 stair systems, as well as an untold number of other projects over the past 30 years.  Iíve come to discover that ďmy work is my monumentĒ.  If Iím going to do anything, I may as well make it the best I possibly can.  This you can see by the pictures.  Behind each picture is someone who is thrilled and usually feels that it was much more than they had expected or anticipated.  I am fussy, maybe more fussy than most customers.  So you can be assured that the service provided for you will be something you can be proud of for years to come.

S. Russell President

Please browse our website and photos to see the quality of craftsmanship.†See what a difference MyStairways could make in your home.